Aftercare for Getting Your Eyebrows Tattooed

So you finally got your brows tattooed. Micro blading is a great way to get some classy looking brows which look natural as well. However, once the procedure is completed you can expect to feel some swelling, pain and redness for a day or two. You would also notice that your eyebrows look darker and fuller. However this is only for the initial time period. They would lighten over the week and start appearing more natural.

The epidermis would keep sloughing off for the first few days, after which the pigment would become lighter and settle into the skin slowly.

You can expect to lose at least 25% of the colour after the initial visit.

After care for tattooed eyebrows

  • Avoid getting the brows wet for the first two days if you can. If they get wet make sure to dab dry immediately. Finally on day three you can gentle wash the tattoo using your fingertips only. Avoid rubbing too hard.
  • From the fourth day onwards you can use a gentle lotion and rub it over the brows. You can apply the cream as many times as you like because it would help slough off the extra scabs and also prevent them from clumping over.
  • Also make sure to avoid getting into the sun for about a week or so. After a week make sure you use sunscreen to ensure that the tattoo stays an even colour.
  • At this time it is common for the skin around the eyebrows to break into tiny spots or pimples. This is nothing but a reaction to the numbing agent. This would get better with time and doesn’t need to be fiddled over.

Precautionary measures

Avoid use of retinol based creams until the healing period. It’s common for women to sue anti-aging creams on their skin keep in mind these creams are rich in retinol. However during the healing process avoid these creams for maximum healing.

Also avoid use of per oxide or Neosporin during the first week. It’s better to avoid bleaching products on other parts of the face as well. The fumes are often enough to cause fading.

If the scabbing is too much avoid picking at the area. Do not be tempted to scratch that itch you would only cause the problem to worsen.

Also avoid tanning beds or the use of tanning creams this can cause the pigmentation to fade. Also avoid getting facials, going into swimming pools and saunas for at least a week.

Also avoid tweezing your brows for a week or two after the procedure.

After the first week you would notice the eyebrow tattoo looking more permanent and somewhat natural. Once the healing period is over your brows would start looking more natural and less pigmented. Enjoy your tattooed brows but make sure to take care of them while keeping all of the above mentioned things in mind.