The Benefits of Vegetarian Protein Powders

All health and fitness experts can never get enough of emphasising the importance of proteins in a diet. However, this by no means is a signal to consume as much red meat as you would like simply on the pretext of ingesting the right amount of protein. Where you get your protein from is also quite important. A busy life style and a diet which is no so balanced often makes us feel tired and lethargic. This is where protein powders come to the rescue. Not only are these a great source of amino acids but can also help you get the correct dose of protein in a single glass.

A general misconception is that protein powders are simply supplements taken by the likes of athletes and body builders. But to tell the truth protein powders can be used by just about anyone. Simply because these are a good source of getting the required dose of proteins in a glass or two.

Now there are some people who might say that they are allergic to dairy and therefore protein powders are quite useless for them. For these individuals there is an option to choose from vegetarian protein powders. Not only are these a powerful combination of essential amino acids but are a great way to fulfil any nutritional deficiencies.

It’s pretty easy to find soy based protein powders at any health store. Also there are several benefits of taking vegetarian protein powders.

  • Plant based protein powders re environment friendly. These are made from plants and plants need less resources to grow. These create less waste when compared to huge livestock farms which might produce a ton of waste on a daily basis.
  • Also plant proteins are allergen free. Hemp proteins cause the least amount of allergies. So if you suffer from lactose intolerance or have gluten allergy then a plant based product should be your first choice.
  • Plant proteins are a great source of fibre as well. Everyone know how important fibre is for a healthy diet. Plant proteins consist of bot soluble and insoluble fibres. Soluble fibres keep you full for longer and therefore plant abed proteins might even promote weight loss and eventually help gain lean muscle.
  • Also dairy and animal based proteins can cause the acidic level in the body to go up. This can wreak havoc with the system. Whereas plant based vegetarian powders are not acidic and can actually improve the digestive system by providing it with gentle yet effective nutrition.
  • Plants contain a great deal of vitamins and minerals. Though they alone might not be the ideal source of protein eating a diet which is rich in a variety of plants can help fulfil those as well. Similarly a plant based protein powder would be just as effective when taken in conjunction with other plant based proteins and yield the same results.

The benefits of plant based proteins should not be underestimated.