Community Grants

Community Grants


Gifting of $10,000 to community groups was celebrated on Wednesday 6 April 2016 at Marcello’s Caffé in College Hill.

Auckland Women’s Centre received $1000 to assist in the buying of books for two additional library units – Trans Women of colour and LGBTI Youth.   Prominent lesbian community member Cissy Rock accepted the gift on behalf of the organisation.

LowDown’s Cissy Rock, accepted a gifting of $500 for important replacements for sound gear for the lesbians out west and will also be available for other events throughout the community.

The Charlotte Museum Trust, receiving $2000 from the trust to invest in a badge maker, a digital photo frame, and an LP to CD converter. These items will help to transplant the vast history of lesbian culture onto modern platforms and increase accessibility to these resources.

The Legacy Project received $2000 to continue to support and coordinate community theatre projects from within the GLBT community to develop and stage eighteen short, theatrical works from the queer community.

Queer Aesthetic workshops of community group Breaking Boundaries were also supported this month by the trust with $1000, “it is a really exciting year for us at Breaking Boundaries” says Joni Nelson, “we are stepping away from just being an online support service to actually being able to give back, start working with the community to create our own histories.”

OutLine was gifted the largest sum at $3,600 to fund clinical supervision and risk management training for the OutLine team who work tirelessly with volunteers on the front line.



In April, the GABA Charitable Trust distributed $12,660 in community grants to organisations and individuals that benefit the health, welfare and support services to the LGBTI community throughout New Zealand.

Auckland Women’s Centre
$900 towards the operating costs of the Auckland Women’s Centre Library

Ben Walton
$750 towards the production of Zinzan, a queer short film about a father/son relationship

Body Positive
$2,000 towards a theatrical production about HIV/AIDS and featuring an HIV+ cast

Cartier Trust
$1,000 towards the production costs of a fundraising calendar featuring local performers

Charlotte Museum
$1,130 towards the upgrade of computer systems and museum workshops and events

GALS (Gay and Lesbian Singers)
$2,000 towards marketing costs for the Out & Loud choral festival

Legacy Project
$2,000 towards venue costs for script development workshops with writers and directors

$2,880 towards training costs for Helpline volunteers and face-to-face counsellors


GABA Community Grants

The principal objective of the Trust is to “maintain a fund available to individuals and institutions for the explicit purpose of health, welfare, and support services for the benefit of the LGBTI community of New Zealand”.

While any project, activity or service that complies with the above objective can be considered, priority will be given to those that:

  • benefit the Auckland rainbow community
  • benefit a large number of individuals
  • have an educational focus
  • assist in reducing the marginalisation of LGBTI people within society

For further information, please contact us.