Charitable Trust

GABA Charitable Trust

GABA has a long history of giving back to the LGBTI community.  On 9 November 1999, the GABA Charitable Trust was established to separate GABA’s charitable work from its regular activities as a community organisation.

The principal objective of the Trust is to, “maintain a fund available to individuals and institutions for the explicit purpose of health, welfare, and support services for the benefit of the gay community of New Zealand”.

Over the last 15 years, the Trust has donated around $300,000 to fund a broad range of LGBTI organisations, individuals, projects and initiatives.

The Trust’s aim is to donate money where it is most needed, and where it will have the greatest impact.  Recipients include larger LGBTI organisations that provide a broad range of services to the community, through to numerous lesser known, but equally vital, organisations and projects that sustain the wider LGBTI communities.

Seven years ago, GABA and the Trust created the GABA Tertiary Scholarship, which assists young people leaving secondary school through their first year of full-time tertiary study.

New Zealand’s premier LGBTI charity event, our annual GABA Charity Auction, is also the primary fundraiser for the GABA Charitable Trust.

For information about the GABA Charitable Trust please contact us.